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  |  ALTERNATORS $0.20/LB  |  ALUMINUM CASTING $0.30/LB  |  ALUMINUM COPPER RADS $1.00/LB  |  ALUMINUM EXTRUSION $0.55/LB  |  ALUMINUM LOW COPPER $0.35/LB  |  ALUMINUM SIDING $0.35/LB  |  ALUMINUM U.B.C $0.35/LB  |  ALUMINUM UTENSIL $0.30/LB  |  ALUMINUM WHEEL RIMS $0.55/LB  |  APPLIANCES $110.00/METRIC TONNE  |  AUTO BODIES (Complete) $110.00/METRIC TONNE  |  BATTERIES $0.22/LB  |  BATTERIES STEEL CASED $0.17/LB  |  BLACK CAST IRON $130.00/METRIC TONNE  |  BX. CABLE  $0.50/LB  |  COPPER ELECTRIC MOTORS $0.10/LB  |  COPPER STARTERS $0.12/LB  |  E-WASTE: AC ADAPTERS (with wire) $0.05/LB  |  E-WASTE: CELL PHONES $0.30/LB  |  E-WASTE: COMPUTERS (complete) $0.10/LB  |  E-WASTE: LAPTOPS (complete) $0.40/LB  |  E-WASTE: STAND ALONE PRINTERS $0.00/LB  |  E-WASTE: TVs / MONITORS $0.03/LB  |  LEAD $0.35/LB  |  LEAD WEIGHTS $0.15/LB  |  MOTORS $110.00/METRIC TONNE  |  NO. 1 COPPER $2.50/LB  |  NO. 1 STEEL $120.00/METRIC TONNE  |  NO. 1 STEEL OS $100.00/METRIC TONNE  |  NO. 2 COPPER $2.20/LB  |  NO. 2 STEEL $110.00/METRIC TONNE  |  NO. 3 COPPER 2.05/LB  |  NO.2 Insulated Copper $0.55/LB  |  P/S 4 FT $130.00/METRIC TONNE  |  P/S O/S STEEL $110.00/METRIC TONNE  |  RADIATORS $1.35/LB  |  RED BRASS $1.80/LB  |  SHREDDABLE STEEL $110.00/METRIC TONNE  |  STAINLESS $0.30/LB  |  WHITE CAST IRON $110.00/METRIC TONNE  |  WHITE GOODS $120.00/METRIC TONNE  |  YELLOW BRASS $1.60/LB



Please note that we do not accept TVs from Quebec residents due to the Ontario e-waste program.

Ottawa's and Gatineau's cleanest and most efficient metal recycling depots

At AIM recycling centre's, we make recycling easy and profitable — for you! Bring us your metal and we'll give you cash — it's that easy.


Our state-of-art facilities are built with customer service in mind. Drive thru convenience means that you can recycle your large or small metal items with ease.


Visit us today and turn your metal into money.


We accept:

  • Automobiles
  • Copper
  • Brass
  • All types of Aluminum
  • Batteries
  • All types of steel
  • Insulated copper wire
  • Household appliances
  • TV's
  • Computers 
  • Laptops
  • Monitors
  • Cell Phones











AIM is now accepting all types of OES - Electronic Waste! TV's, Computers, Cell Phones, Stereos, Speakers,  Cameras, and much more!!! 


Car Crusher!

A dream come true for Ottawa area's Marie-Aline Oliver who won a contest raising money for the Shepards of Good Hope charity. MAO as she likes to be called had a dream of crusing cars and AIM Metal Recycling Centre helped make her dream a reality.  



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AIM Recycling Ottawa West

120 Bentley Ave
Ottawa, ON K2E 6T9
Mon-Fri:     7am – 4:45pm
Sat:          8am – 3pm
Sun:            Closed
*Saturday closed 11:45am -12:30pm for lunch*


AIM Recycling Ottawa East

2575 Sheffield Rd
Ottawa, ON K1B 3V6
Mon-Fri:     7am – 4:45pm (new hours !!!)
Sat:          7am – 11:45am
Sun:           Closed


AIM Recycling Gatineau

36 Rue de Bécancour
Gatineau, QC J8P 8A4
Mon-Fri:     8am – 4:45pm (new hours!!)
Sat:            8am – 11:45am
Sun:            Closed
*This location does not accept
       TV's or Computers


AIM Recycling Cornwall

17703 Headline Rd
Long Sault (On), K0C 1P0
Mon-Fr:     7 am – 4:45 pm
Sat:           7 am –11:45 am
Sun:            Closed